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Erica Holmes



I had just given birth to my precious little boy in October 2012 and was extremely proud that I hadn't gained as much weight with him like I had my little girl! I was feeling pretty good until I saw a picture of me at our Youth Christmas party! (It's actually my before picture posted on this page!) It was such a wakeup call to me & I was beyond ready for a lifestyle change! Our wonderful youth administrator at the time was great friends with Karey Jones and she introduced my husband and I to Stimulock! The three of us decided to take on this journey together and between my husband and I we lost a combined 64lbs!!!


Stimulock has been so life changing for me!!! It wasn't just another diet to try, as we had done most of them, it was the lifestyle change we had been needing all along!


Don't waste another day feeling miserable or hiding from family pictures! Try Stimulock today and get the life you've always wanted!


Facts about Erica:


My husband & I have been youth pastors for the last 6 years.

We have three amazing, beautiful children that keep our life fun & full of surprises.

We are from & currently live in South Louisiana.

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