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3 Years Post Stimulock

2 Years Post Stimulock

Kayla Hall




I grew up in the southernmost part of Arkansas where the FryDaddy was King. We have a saying in the south, "If you don't like it, FRY it", so we did.


My weight had always been a topic of conversation amongst my family and myself. "You're not fat, you're just chubby / big boned / thick" "you're not built to be skinny", they’d say.

Saying I learned how to pick apart my body at a young age would probably be an understatement. Right out of sixth grade I remember my first pair of "teen" size jeans - size 12/14 and I couldn’t have been happier, until my sister brought out her size 0.


From seventh grade to my sophomore year in High School I had tried everything from, low carb, low fat, no sugar, weight watchers, and even tagged along with my mom to a “weight loss hypnotist” all resulting in nothing but 1-2lbs lost and disappointment. (Side note - yes, the hypnotist thing is weird; all it did was make me sleepy)


Let’s fast forward to my college years.

Being the captain of the cheerleading squad, DI salesman at BBY, and a dance teacher, I was constantly active and on my feet, but I held strong to my size 12/14 jeans and L – XL shirts. Nothing seemed to push me into a smaller size.


After my amazing husband and I got married we were less active and loved to eat, launching me from a size 12/14 to 14/16 and almost 18. That is when we knew something had to change. After seeing a dramatic change in our friends, Todd and Erica Holmes, my husband, JW, and I decided it was time to do something. At 24 years old I was at my heaviest weight of almost 200 pounds, and found out first hand that not exercising, eating “college food”, and working at a career that had me sitting most of the day was the quickest way to pack on the pounds.


My husband and I together, with the Stimulock System, and the support of our practitioner, lost a combined 125 pounds. We have both kept our weight off for over a year and we feel better than ever.


My goal for my clients is for them to see how enjoyable life can be when they are healthy. I work one on one, via text, phone call, FaceTime etc. to insure that my clients that want to be successful, are. I have a blog all about my day to day lifestyle and how JW and I work to continue living the Stimulock way (aka healthy). It is a real picture of how we fit Stimulock into our busy, hectic, amazing life. Check it out for encouragement, laughter, recipes, recipe fails, and so much more.


Maybe you can’t imagine trying one more “diet”; you’ve tried them all with little to no success. My challenge to you is try Stimulock, give it a chance and if you do everything right and you don’t lose weight we will give you your money back.


Facts about Kayla:


Married the love of my life on June 26, 2010.


We have the worlds cutest son, he's 9 pounds, and likes to snuggle. His name is Bentley and he is the worlds cutest maltese.


I was born and raised in the southernmost part of Arkansas, and am still a country girl at heart.. (Woo Pig Sooie)


Some of my passions include, my faith, photography, travel, being creative, DIY projects, cooking, and so many more.


My husband, JW, and I are the Jr. High Youth Pastors at Lenexa Christian Center.



1 Year Post Stimulock

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