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Becky Payne

Becky's Stimulock Journey on Facebook


I was first introduced to Stimulock by my niece, Cammi. I kept reading her posts on Facebook about losing 40 pounds and I wanted to know her secret. I contacted her and she happily told me about Stimulock. I will always be grateful to her and to my practitioner Karey for guiding me on my journey to weight loss and better health. I have learned so much about myself and how to make better choices since I became a practitioner for Stimulock. I don’t ever want to go back to being that fat lady you see in my before picture.


Being a southern lady from Mississippi, I was raised on fried foods and rich desserts. My parents even owned a bakery at one time. There were always rich delicacies available. Then I married a farmer and we settled down to life on the farm and raising our 3 children. The farm was the perfect place for our children’s friends to hang out most weekends and preparing meals for everyone was one of my favorite things to do.


Move ahead 40 years and you’ll find us still living on the farm and our lives are even richer because of our 8 beautiful grandchildren. I still love to cook but after losing almost 60 pounds with Stimulock, I’m looking for healthier recipes now. Besides, I want to teach my grandchildren to make healthier choices too. That is one legacy I want to leave them. I want them to grow up knowing how to take care of the body God gave them.


Life is good and I feel truly blessed!


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