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Chance Roberts

As far as I can remember I've always been overweight. I remember being made fun of in elementary school and it caring on to junior high. I finally caught up with my weight when I started getting taller. I always had a belly and a double chin. It didn't matter to me in high school because I used my size on the football field and was great at it. I went on to college and didn't think much of it.


Once I stopped playing football is when the weight really started packing on. I was eating like I was still playing but not as active and not working out anymore. I got up to 350 pounds at 6'4. I was huge so I tried dieting and switched to diet pop instead of regular.


That cut me down to 300. I was happy but not pleased with my success so I went to an extreme route and went to eating apples only, with just a little protien, and running 3 miles a day. I would make myself sick if I ended up binging on a heavy meal. I cut down to 240 pounds and was happy with achieving this so I stopped running and went back to old eating habits.


Well life handed me some stress and being a stress eater, I began gaining all the weight back. I got back to 280 and bounced back and forth between 260 and 280 just by switching up my meals but just couldn't shake it.


I tried other types of diets but just couldn't get the results fast enough or couldn't get my mind set on doing it. I then got in contact with an old friend Kayla Houser who introduced me to Stimulock. I laughed at her but praised her with her results. I wasn't going to fall for some homeopathic drop and cut down to eating such healthy food and get rid of my diet Dr. Pepper or my pizza or my cheese. Oh and don't forget tacos, I mean get real right?


Well, once she got off the drops and maintained her weight and became a practitioner. She was doing great without gaining weight back and maintaining her goal weight, all while eating regular food again. I wondered why that couldn't be me. So I got a bottle and figured, if this doesn't work oh well I've blown money away on less; plus this could work.


So I started and boy it was tough. I enjoyed my binge days but off the bat had migraines and cravings and saw little progress that first week. I was determined to give it a shot and fought through it. During the 2nd week still had cravings and slipped up a couple of times but no migraines and saw progress on the scale so by week 3 I was doing great. I was losing weight and had little to no cravings.


I was eating healthy and going strong. By the end of the bottle I had lost around 20 pounds and I was in shock with how good I was feeling and how loose my clothes were. I got another bottle and continued on and finished it up and lost another 20 pounds!


 I can't believe it. I am on my third bottle and just 5 pounds from my goal weight and thinking I could lose more. I am wearing size 34 waist in my pants and I don't remember the last time that was a possibility.


I have more energy and don't need energy drinks, pop, or coffee to get me thru the day. It's am dropping roughly 1.4 pounds a day still and feel full after every meal. I started at 270 pounds and weigh 225 pounds and going strong. I plan on working out once I get to my goal weight and striving to get to my new goal weight 200. All I need now is new clothes!

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