Chance Roberts

Manhattan, KS

As far as I can remember I've always been overweight. I played football most my life and the workouts kept my weight somewhat in check. Once I stopped playing football is when the weight really started packing on. I was eating like I was still playing but not as active and not working out anymore. I realized I needed to do something but I would try a diet and not see quick enough success and go back to old eating habits.

My friend introduced me to Stimulock and at first I was skeptical but saw the success of others and made the leap to try it. I have had tremendous success with this product and owe it to my friend for introducing it to me. I have lost a total of 80 pounds and have maintained my weight since getting off the drops.

Stimulock is a life changer and a new lifestyle. I'm eating healthy and working out and have so much energy now. I want to share my story and stimulock with anyone that is ready to commit to a better life.

Facts about Chance:
I love the outdoors & sports.

Working hard in the gym.

Strengths are motivating and uplifting





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