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ONLY $150

The Stimulock System includes...


  • Stimulock Drops:  1 oz bottle is approximately a 30 day supply.  Learn more about our latest formula upgrade.


  • Stimulock Protocol:   All the information you need to know for weight loss success.  Includes meal plan and food choices, product recommendations, tips for dinning out, lots of recipes, and journal pages to track your success.


  • Stimulock Practitioner:  While on the Stimulock System, you'll have access to the support you need. Contact your Stimulock Practitioner at anytime with questions, for encouragement, and motivation.  Stimulock Practitioners are here to help you reach your weight loss goals.


Additional shipping charges may apply.  If a Stimulock Practitioner is in your area, arrangements may be made for pick up or delivery.



Check & PayPal 

Credit Card (participating practitioners)          

Cash (for local pick up/delivery)


To place an order, contact Stimulock or one

of our Stimulock Practitioners.


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to get started with the Stimulock System



To purchase the Stimulock System, contact us or one of our Stimulock Practitioners. Tell us how you heard about the Stimulock System or the name of the person who referred you and we'll connect you with the right practitioner who can answer all of your questions and get you started losing weight.



The last diet you'll ever do.

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