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David Holstrom

I am a sixty-two year old self-employed architect who has managed to gain approximately three pounds each year, for the last twenty-five consecutive years.  My doctor told me at my last physical check-up, that I have the symptoms of a border-line diabetic with elevated blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels.  I have frequent bouts of gout and always have sore feet.


Last summer during a phone conversation with my sister, I learned that she had just started the Stimulock program, and had lost ten pounds effortlessly.  I discussed the diet program with her and called her consultant to enroll and start the program for myself. 


I began the Stimulock program on August 10, 2015 weighing 270 pounds, wearing 3X shirts with 21 inch neck, 46 inch waist pants and size 54 suit coats.  Today, December 7, 2015, I weigh 205 pounds, wear XL shirts with 18 inch neck, 38 inch pants and size 46 suit coat.


A month ago, I had another physical with my doctor and he was dumbfounded with disbelief.  He ordered additional bloodwork to recheck all of my critical numbers and levels, all of which were cut in half, and all within normal/average/healthy levels. My feet no longer hurt, I have not had a gout attack, my energy level has greatly increased, I fall asleep faster, sleep better and longer, and snore less. 


This diet program was the easiest and most effective result I have ever experienced.  I believe I have finally learned how to eat properly, in a healthy manner, at proper proportions, and in a way to manage my weight for the rest of my life.


I have faced the usual Stimulock program challenges: hotels and work travel, public restaurants, social meetings at pubs, cravings for fried foods, breads and chocolate, and no beer or scotch.  Continued weight loss, coupled with increased personal resolute has allowed for success.


As I approach my final ten pound weight loss goal, I look forward to locking down my final goal weight and maintaining the weight through smart food choices and healthier eating habits learned while on the Stimulock program.

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