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Fred & Judy Day

"We are well...happy and slim! We have happily maintained our weight loss success! Fred at 5'8", has lost 89 pounds, and I at 5' 3", have lost 36 pounds! Fred has gone from a waist of 52" to 38"...amazing! People who have known him for years, when he was the Chief of Police, simply do not recognize him! He really looks so different, and so much healthier! We are truly enjoying all the wonderful things that we likely would not have realized if we hadn't decided on good health the "Stimulock" way!

Fred and I have maintained our "new" and healthy lifestyle with clean eating, a bit of exercise, and the biggest challenge, MAKING GOOD CHOICES! The Stimulock program is the easiest program to follow, and several friends are realizing their own success, having followed this awesome program! When I tell them they will see results IMMEDIATELY, they are skeptical, and then I explain the money back guarantee, and they give it a try.....and SUCCESS!


Our life is healthier, our Doctors have confirmed, and we feel just great We sleep better (no more snoring or apnea episodes), enjoy our "new looks" and continue to look forward to the best of our Golden Years!


Thank you Stimulock for always being there and encouraging us! Stimulock has truly made a huge difference for us, and we are so grateful to YOU"!

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