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Karey Jones

Business Executive

Managing Practitioner



"I am smaller now than I was before having children and I feel amazing. It took me 7 months to lose 10 pounds with regular diet and exercise after having my second child. I needed something that would work and keep the weight off.  I have never seen results like this before. I would spend hours in the gym working on my hips and thighs. The inches melted away with Stimulock. It absolutely attacks the stubborn stored fat. Not only do I love the weight loss, I ran my first half marathon after training for only 6 weeks immediately following my time with Stimulock. I believe the clean diet of the protocol allowed my body to perform in ways it has never done so before. I have a new start with Stimulock."

That was my personal testimony after losing 40lbs in 3 months in 2010 and the beginning of a new lifestyle and passion to see others achieve their goals for health and weight loss. Since then, I have taken my knowledge of the program, nutrition, and fitness to help more than 600 clients lose weight with the Stimulock System. I have seen countless lives changed which makes this more than a “job” but rather an honor to walk this journey with so many.


I have much experience with a wide variety of lifestyles and health conditions. I’ve also followed the Stimulock System program along with a vigorous workout regime and experienced results that left personal trainers speechless. I lost 4.7% body fat in 23 days and an additional 1% body fat during the Lock In Phase. That’s 5.7% body fat in just 46 days. The personal trainer tracking my progress had nothing more to say than “Wow!”


In 2013, it was time to recover from the birth of my third child. I survived sleepless nights and the holidays and was ready to get my “skinny” back. Once again, Stimulock proved successful while breastfeeding*. It allowed me to drop 40lbs and maintain a steady milk supply full of nutrition for my growing baby.


*NOTE: The Stimulock System diet protocol MUST be adjusted accordingly for women who are breastfeeding.


My family and I reside in the Kansas City area.  However, I’ve worked with clients from coast to coast, across the United States. The support I offer my clients is just as genuine via emails and phone calls as face-to-face meetings. I’m here to see you succeed and offer as much or as little support as you desire.


My husband and I took over management and ownership of the Stimulock System in 2013 in order to bring weight loss success to many more people. I am the Managing Practitioner and offer additional support to our full team of Stimulock Practitioners. I am also the primary source of social media for the Stimulock System.


Thank you for allowing us into your life to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals.


My Stimulock Moto: “Good Food Feels Good”


My Stimulock Golden Rule: “Nothing Tastes as Good as Success Feels”


My Stimulock Promise: “Stimulock is the LAST diet you’ll ever do!” – Not because you’ll never need to lose weight again, but because you’ll never waste your time trying anything else when you discover that Stimulock works!


Facts About Karey:


Married my high school sweetheart in 2005. We have 4 children. No pets. The kids keep me busy enough.


Other passions…my faith, family, friendships, and youth ministry.  Holistic health, fitness, outdoors, cooking clean, and being creative.


My first diet – I did Weight Watchers with my mom in the 4th grade. That set the stage for a persistent and perceived need to conquer my weight.


Today I am thinner and healthier than I was when I graduated from college.



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