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Kayla Houser



As a Christian I have always wanted to honor my body as the temple God created it to be. My addiction to food was not allowing my body to be cleansed and nourished the way it was intended to be. Our bodies function at their best when we feed them exactly what they need. Stimulock set me on the right track to have the knowledge of food and my body in order to help me honor the only body I was given.

My interest in health and wellness, both physically and mentally, drives me to constantly seek more knowledge about how the body and mind work and I want to pass that in to you, my client, to help you reach your wellness, weight, and happiness goals. As your practitioner I will bring my knowledge of the body and its interaction with the foods we eat as well as my compassion for helping people improve quality of life both physically and mentally.


Facts about Kayla:


I love to ride horses. 

I have 2 kids (3 and 1). 

I have traveled to Europe and been on 3 cruises. 




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