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Maribel Ledezma

Practitioner (bilingual - Spanish/English)



Your life will change with the Stimulock System. Give yourself that opportunity just like I gave my life that opportunity. I'm so blessed to have found the Stimulock System. Stimulock transformed my life. Let me tell you a little bit about how it all started. I still remember the day one of my friends introduced me to Stimulock and changed my life forever. I hadn't seen my friend in nearly 4 months and the moment I saw him I almost didn't recognized him. He

looked like a totally different person. I asked, "What did you do, you look great?" He had lots about 50lbs on the Stimulock System within the short time we had not seen each other. These were his exacts words..." Maribel, I took these drops to lose weight and I lost a pound a day and it’s really easy." He started telling about what he ate and all the recipes that were available. He shared all the details about the program and before he was even done, my answer to him was "No thank you, I have tried every single diet out there, every pill, every shake, every tea, every name it and nothing works. I'm done! I’m sorry, but no thanks." His response to me was simple, “Maribel, please, I promise you these drops work. Please trust me and I promise you won't regret it. It will change your Life forever."


I got his practitioner's number and went home thinking about what he had told me. I was skeptical   and wasn't really sure if I should give Stimulock a try. The next morning I called Erin, my practitioner since day one, before I became one myself. My practitioner did an amazing job explaining to me the programin detail and also gave me all the good benefits that my health was going to gain from following the Stimulock System. I ordered the program that day and received it a couple days later. When I received my Stimulock System, I was ready and committed to it. I stuck to the Stimulock Protocol and now I can say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.


When I started the Stimulock System in January 2011, I was 248 lbs and I a size 24. I completed the program in May 2011 at 158lbs and an amazing size 6 ! I even fit in Junior sizes! That’s a total of 90lbs lost in only 5 months. I can't express enough how much the Stimulock System changed my life. My lifestyle, my eating habits, my personality, and most importantly my health and self-confidence will never be the same.


Please give yourself this opportunity just like I did and I promise you will never regret it. I will  be there by your side each step of the way guiding you, motivating you, and helping you be successful in this weight lost process.


You can do it and I can help. We will do this together!


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