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Real Questions. Real Answers.


What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy stimulates the self-healing process. It is a system of medical practice that treats a symptom by the administration of minute doses of a remedy in order for the body to correct the problem rather than treat the symptom with medication.


What is the diet for the Stimulock System?

The Stimulock Protocol is a very clean diet consisting of lean proteins, vegetables, and fruit.  There are very minimal

carbohydrates from grains, minimal dairy, and no refined sugar.  The protocol requires 100% commitment for the best results, but is much more manageable than similar programs. The Stimulock Protocol manual includes all the information you need for success and includes a detailed food list, meal plan, tips and suggestions, and lots of recipes. Additional recipes and meal ideas can be found via Stimulock's Pinterest Profile. Details of the protocol are exclusive to Stimulock clients.


Anyone can lose weight on a low-calorie diet.  Why should I follow the Stimulock System?

Yes, most people can lose weight on a low-calorie diet, but it won't last long. They will be hungry, weak, and irritable as they first lose structural fat (fat between the organs and joints) and normal fat (fat used to meet the body’s daily nutritional needs), followed by muscle mass. The metabolism will slow to compensate for the low-calorie intake and their results will plateau. This type of diet is hard to sustain and one will eventually go back to their old ways of eating. They will regain the structural and normal fats along with the lost muscle mass and the pounds lost will return.


The Stimulock Drops and Protocol work hand-in-hand for ultimate success. You cannot use one without the other. Our homeopathic formula aids in burning the abnormal fat or stored fat typically found in problem areas such as the hips, thighs, stomach, and arms. This unnecessary fat is used as the primary source of fuel for your body and supports the clean, low-calorie diet. Your body is getting the nutrition it needs from your diet and the energy it needs from your stored fat. This gives you the results you're looking for while feeling great so you can acquire new eating habits for a real life change. 


How much weight can I lose?  

Average weight loss half a pound per day or 3-5 pounds per week. Clinical tests showed dieters lost 14.6 pounds in 30 days with the homeopathic remedy. Dieters NOT using the homeopathic remedy only lost 6 pounds in 30 days. However, your success is ultimately determined by your commitment to the protocol. Results vary by person. If you follow the protocol as directed, you WILL lose weight.


Is exercise required?

The standard protocol is based on minimal exercise. A simple 20-minute walk, or the like, is recommended to keep muscles conditioned and stress controlled. If you are currently participating in activity levels higher than that due to an exercise regimen or laborious job, consult with your Stimulock Practitioner. Adjustments to your protocol may be required to keep you losing weight and feeling good.


Who can do the Stimulock System?

Any man or woman, age 18 or older, wanting to lose weight. As with any new diet or exercise program, please consult with your physician. This program is challenging for women who are nursing and requires close supervision with a Stimulock Practitioner. The Stimulock System is NOT for children or pregnant women.

Will my medications be impacted by the drops?

No. All medications are safe to take while on the Stimulock System. However, steroids and antibiotics will impact the effectiveness of the drops. If one is taking a mild steroid or other medications that have side effects of weight gain, they may find their weight loss to be slower than average. Do not be discouraged. Clients should know that they are making strides to better health and may find that as they lose weight, they may become less dependent on their current medications. 


The Stimulock System has seen excellent results with diabetics, thyroid conditions, and high blood pressure. Clients should be aware of their body and consult with their physician if they feel their medications need to be adjusted.


How are the homeopathic drops used?

Hold the drops under the tongue for 2 minutes, at least 15 minutes before eating, 3 times per day. It is proven that the skin under the tongue allows for the quickest access to the blood stream.


How long do you take the drops?

The drops are only taken during the Weight Loss phase for a minimum 23 days or until you reach your goal weight. 


How long will one bottle last?

The 1 ounce bottle contains approximately a 30-day supply if administered as directed.


What do they taste like?

The homeopathic formula uses food-grade alcohol and water with as a medium for distribution with mild natural mint flavors. A slight tingle from the alcohol may be experienced.


What makes the Stimulock System different than others?

The Stimulock System is just that, a system designed for real results that last. The Stimulock Drops, Protocol, and Practitioners complete the Stimulock System for your success.


The Stimulock Drops are made the traditional homeopathic way in an FDA approved laboratory and are guaranteed to work. We use the best ingredients with proven results to support our claims.


The Stimulock Protocol has been tested and proven to yield great results with a manageable meal plan and food list. It offers complete nutrition while allowing your body to cleanse from unnecessary fat for a healthier you. 


With the support of your Stimulock Practitioner, not only will you reach your weight loss goals with amazing results, but you will gain tools that will allow you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our goal is not only to see you lose weight but to embrace a healthier YOU with real change that will last a lifetime.

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