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Real Food. Real Change.

The Stimulock Diet Protocol uses real food for real

change that lasts a lifetime.

The Stimulock Diet Protocol details are exclusive to Stimulock clients. Your Stimulock Starter Kit includes a 49-page book with all the details you need for success.


The Stimulock Diet Protocol consists primarily of lean protein, lots of vegetables, and fruit. There are minimal complex carbohydrates from grains, minimal dairy, and no refined sugar.


The Stimulock Diet Protocol comes with lots of suggestions for food preparation and recipes to inspire you along your weight loss journey. This clean way of eating will help you break bad food habits and wipe unwanted cravings away.


For more information, speak with one of our knowledgeable practitioners who can offer suggestions for meal planning to suit your lifestyle, preferences, and dietary needs. 


You'll gain the tools needed to use real food to make real change that will last a lifetime.


Food pictured are real recipes from real clients.

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