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Stephanie Conner

My weight loss totally changed my life because it caused me to change career paths too! I guess all I can say is that once I got started it was easier than I thought it would be to change my eating habits and to stick with those new habits after I hit my goal. I don't deny myself anything, I just don't go crazy.

The major changes that have occurred for me... because of my success: Obviously my physical appearance and clothing size (I went down 5 sizes); my health improved (I have only been sick once in 3 years and I no longer get migraines), I changed careers (I work in wellness promoting healthier living and wellbeing through good nutrition and physical activity), I have a lot of energy (I run a lot and my goal this year is to complete a half marathon), I used to HATE cooking and now I cook all the time and am always on the lookout for new recipes (I still shop the perimeter at the grocery store and make most of my meals from scratch)."


It's been five years since I have been on the Stimulock drops and I have maintained my weight loss.

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