Suzanne Jones

I love Stimulock!


I am a mom of 7 kids, and I have gained weight with each pregnancy, but only lost some of it each time. After years of this, I ended up weighing 252 pounds, wearing a 2X-3X, and having no energy.


I tried another popular weight loss system, but I only lost a total of 25 pounds in 3 years, which still left me solidly in the obese category. I saw my friends and family members losing weight quickly with Stimulock, and decided to try it, instead.


I started Stimulock on my 39th Birthday at 227 lbs., a size 2X. Thanksgiving and the Christmas season came right after my birthday, but with Stimulock I lost weight even through the holidays! I lost 58 lbs in 4 months! I weighed 169 lbs! This made me the skinniest I have been in 14 years, since having my 1st child! I was feeling great with my new healthy lifestyle! I was no longer obese, and wearing a size medium! My husband and I were able to go on a cruise as a reward! And as a bonus, I got pregnant with baby number 7!


Pregnant with our 7th child, and about to turn 40, I was concerned about the pregnancy, but after being on Stimulock, I had the healthiest pregnancy yet! I didn’t hurt the whole 9 months, and I was able to take my kids on mile-long walks for most of my pregnancy. The doctor was impressed with all the weight I had lost, and even at the end of my pregnancy, although I had gained some weight, I weighed less than I had when I started Stimulock!


Now that the baby is 3 months old, I just started back on Stimulock, and I have already lost 12.5 pounds and dropped down one size! I am on track to being at my goal weight by summer! I’m looking forward to playing with my kids at the park as the new, healthy, skinny me.


Just a bonus:

*I love all of the foods on Stimulock. The amount of protein you get to eat, along with the 2 servings of fruit and the Chocolate protein shake I have every day help me not crave sugary snacks anymore! I am able to make healthy versions of my favorite party foods, and found some of them don’t even need modified to fit the protocol.

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